My Husband and I went thru a big Immigration mess because a deceitful lawyer from Florida started a case for us to get our permanent status or green card. Everything looked OK to our eyes because we were receiving our “Work Permits” each year, but one morning we received a visit from an agent from ICE; he told us that we were in removal proceedings because we failed to appear to a court day that we were never informed by our lawyer at that time.This was a nightmare for us. We find ourselves in shock, without a lawyer “a real and good lawyer”, frighten, and in so much need of a MIRACLE. Many things happened after that, but one good thing that we’ll never forget was that a Venezuelan secretary from a law firm calls us to let us know that she knew that one of the best lawyers in NC was Mr. Gerry Chapman. She did not mention the immigration Lawyer that she was working for, but she to contact said Mr. Chapman.We were surprised but grateful for her input, and decided to call Mr. Chapman. He was what we never saw in our previous lawyer. He was honest, reliable, and never made false promises. He explained everything very well and helped us to understand what our real situation back then was. He also explained the possible venues or solutions to our case. It was a long process but at the end we got our permanent residency.The knowledge of Mr. Chapman in immigration matters was very obvious to us when we were in the court room with other cases. We saw many immigration lawyers there that did not know how to present a good defense for their clients, we even heard how two of those lawyers said to each other that Mr. Chapman was an excellent lawyer, and that gave us more confidence.Mr. Chapman manage our case and defense with great professionalism and passion. He was very accurate in everything he said to us about our case.My Husband and I would not recommend any other immigration lawyer except Mr. Gerry Chapman.We have no words to say thank you to him and his staff.
We Love you guys!!
Sandra V. (Asylum Client)