My husband and I have been happily married and based on our marriage, we filed a green card case with USCIS. We provided USCIS with everything necessary, but when we went to the interview, the officer said my husband had been ordered deported a year or so ago by the Immigration Judge in North Carolina, and so the officer could not approve the case. We were very disappointed, to say the least, and we contacted Gerry Chapman of Chapman Law Firm for help. Mr. Chapman listened to us and then explained exactly how we needed to proceed. He drafted affidavits for us to sign, explaining that my husband was not aware he was supposed to go to court, because he had moved before the Court sent him any hearing notices. Mr. Chapman prepared these statements and negotiated with the attorneys for DHS, arguing that the pending green card case and my husband’s lack of notice should be sufficient to re-open his deportation case and to get it dismissed (something that USCIS said it would require before approving his green card case). The attorney for DHS agreed with Mr. Chapman, and even signed a joint motion to re-open and terminate the removal case, which was quickly granted by the Immigration Judge. We now are working with USCIS to continue working on the green card case. We are very pleased with the services of Chapman Law Firm; Mr. Chapman understood our situation, and he knew exactly what strategy to use. He also knew how to approach the government and convince that attorney with the importance of getting the deportation order cancelled. Throughout our case, Mr. Chapman and Ms. Fernandez, his paralegal, kept us advised every step of the way, and made the experience as understandable as could be. We recommend his firm to anyone for any kind of case.
B. and F.