It is a very emotional week at our house. Our future daughter-in-law has just been approved through the US Embassy in Manila to come to the US on a fiancé visa. Thanks to the professionalism of your office (thank you Sarah) our 6 month old grand baby (Arya) and our precious future daughter-in-law will be in the United States permanently in 6 days. Instead of this being the story of a nightmare, it is a dream come true. In less than four months, visa was approved for Janet (mama), plane tickets booked for Janet and Arya, swimming pool built at grandma and grand-dad’s, and Andrew, our son, ready to receive his bride and baby. There were no hitches in the process. You worked as a team with Janet and Andrew and made it happen. Feel free to have anyone considering this process to contact us. We are your most ardent supporters.
Janet and Andrew